The Volcanic Majesty

The Volcanic Majesty

Unleashing the Passion: Crafting Wines amidst Volcanic Majesty

Embarking on a winemaking journey requires a touch of madness. The sheer dedication demanded by both the vineyards and the wine cellar would make your typical nine-to-five job feel like a leisurely stroll. For winemakers, weekends and holidays hold no respite; the vines never pause their growth.

Yet, amidst the arduous toil, a magnificent reward awaits. Every sip of wine bears the essence of relentless labor and unwavering commitment. While tending to vines and crafting wine may seem like a formidable task, envision undertaking this pursuit against the backdrop of an active volcano. To some, it may seem madness, but to others, it's an embodiment of passion. After all, what is wine without passion?


Exploring the Enigma of Volcanic Wines

Grapevines possess a capricious nature, selecting only the most suitable environments for growth. Unlike most crops, vineyards thrive in poor, nutrient-depleted soils. "The vines must suffer," declare grape growers across the globe, and their conviction holds true.

These tenacious vines harbor yet another extraordinary characteristic—they mirror their surroundings and embody the unique terroir. The climate, sunlight, and soil in which the vines reside find expression within the grapes themselves. With closed eyes, one can taste the very essence of the land from which the wine originates.

Nestled amidst the precipitous foothills of Mount Vesuvius—an active volcano in close proximity to Naples—Cantina Del Vesuvio boasts some of the most exceptional vine-growing terrain on Earth. Though cultivating wine in such extreme conditions presents its challenges, the resulting terroir rewards vintners abundantly.


A Brotherhood of Volcanic Winemakers

A mere 1% of the world's vineyards are nestled within volcanic soils, with even fewer basking in the shadow of an active volcano. Greece boasts Santorini, Spain cherishes its Canary Islands, Sicily boasts Mount Etna, and Campania embraces the dark soils surrounding Vesuvius.

Minerality characterizes volcanic wines, along with an enchanting fruit-forward profile and a captivating texture. Yet, there is more to be discovered. Volcanic viticulture serves as a testament: the finest grapes flourish in volcanic soils, and it is our duty to guide them on their journey towards becoming extraordinary wines. After all, high risk often begets high reward.


Indulging in the Volcanic Symphony

Since 1930, the Russo family has meticulously nurtured grapes on the volcanic slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Piedirosso, Caprettone, and Aglianico—their vineyard treasures. These ancient, indigenous grape varieties have seamlessly adapted to the altitude and porous volcanic soils over centuries.

From these exceptional grapes, rarely found elsewhere, the Russo family crafts wines that embody the distinctive volcanic spirit. Reds, whites, rosés, and the renowned regional specialty, Lacryma Christi, all emerge from the obsidian vineyards, flourishing up to 900 feet above the tranquil Naples Bay.

Mount Vesuvius, forever etched in history for its 79 AD burial of Pompeii, last erupted in March 1944. The vines tended by the passionate Russo family undoubtedly embrace an element of risk, yet they wouldn't have it any other way. The sheer delight of tasting their wines and sharing them with visitors, coupled with the thrill of encountering volcanic terroir in every precious drop, makes it all worthwhile.


Immerse Yourself in our Volcanic Oasis

There is no greater pleasure than savoring a glass of our esteemed wines against the majestic backdrop of Mount Vesuvius, its formidable presence dominating the horizon. As you stand upon the

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