Vesuvio Lacryma Christi D.O.C.

"A land that blends legend and history"

According to legend, a slice of paradise fell into the Bay of Naples when Lucifer was cast our.
Bereft at the loss of heaven's most precious angel, Christ wept and vines sprung from the ground where his tears fell. The wine the ancients made from those vines called Lacryma Christi, or Tears of Christ.

Organic Quality in Every Sip

Cantina del Vesuvio stands as a beacon of organic winemaking, a passion we've diligently fostered since 1996. Our select wines originate from the local Piedirosso and Caprettone grape varieties, meticulously cultivated across our 16-hectare estate amidst the rich volcanic soils of Mount Vesuvius. Our assortment of products transcends the boundaries of fine wines to include exclusive extra-virgin olive oil, artisanal Vesuvius apricot liqueur, and the distinctively aged Grappa di Vinacce, each capturing the unadulterated spirit and essence of our distinct terroir.

A Heritage of Dedication and Artisanship

Dive into the profound heritage of viticulture with Cantina del Vesuvio, where the Russo family legacy has intertwined with the earth for nearly a century since 1930. This venerable, family-operated vineyard celebrates the evolution from its modest roots of wine distribution by horse-drawn carriages to Naples, to its present-day engagement with enthusiasts through tastings and culinary workshops. Explore the enduring passion of our lineage in safeguarding the authentic character and traditions of the esteemed Vesuvian terroir.

Exceptional Service and Shopping Experience

Cantina del Vesuvio is committed to providing an unparalleled customer journey, from our vineyard to your glass. We prioritize a thoughtful shipping approach, utilizing eco-friendly materials to guarantee the pristine delivery of your choices. With diverse payment methods available and the ability to monitor your order, we ensure a smooth and accessible experience.

Our Products Sold Exclusively by Us

Purchase our products exclusively through our website, without middlemen!
Or you can come directly to the winery to buy our wine!

Location: Via Panoramica 15 80040 Trecase (NAPOLI) Italy.

Shop opening hours: 9am to 6pm, everyday.

  • SUPER!

    Scorps180(Manchester, United Kingdom)

    Climbed Mount Vesuvius first and then visited Cantina Del Vesuvio for lunch and wine tasting. Food and wine excellent and worth the visit! have recently purchased bottles online and will be making further purchases in the future. Highly Recommended!

  • Cheers Vesuvio

    Mark C(Birmingham, United Kingdom)

    I have visited Cantina Del Vesuvio while touring with my students (I'm a college professor). [...] Most in the group purchased a case of wine and shipped them home - they arrived very quickly.

  • Beautiful Winery

    Jan1954(Oxford, United Kingdom)

    We visited last October as a part of a tour. We had a fabulous meal and the wine was delicious. We absolutely loved the Red Wine Vinegar so much so we ordered 5 bottles to keep us going for a while. They winged their way to Witney last week and already our salads and meals are tasting great.

  • Great wine great people great views!

    Lyndseyh55(Phoenix, Arizona)

    One of our favorites in bella Napoli region. The family is wonderful and makes you feel at home. The food is good and the wine is delicious! We shipped a few cases back home and they arrived very quickly.

  • Delicious, scenic, and a treat!

    Susan S(Los Angeles, California)
    It was delicious! Service was perfect, and the view was stunning. We ordered a mixed case of wine, olive oil and vinegar to be shipped home. I look forward to remembering a special experience when the case arrives!

  • Always Great!

    Jason T(Boston, Massachusetts)

    Always well done! Go and sit near the fire and enjoy the food impeccable service. Lastly, take a tour of the vineyard and take a photo with Vesuvius in the background. Will go back again and again!

Cantina Del Vesuvio Winery - UK

Since 2020, our winery has proudly expanded its horizons with a new branch located in the heart of London. With the collaboration of INFINITY WINES LTD this strategic move allows us to directly ship our organic wines within the United Kingdom, fully adhering to local laws and regulations. By pre-paying all wine taxes and duties, we not only ensure compliance but also pass on significant savings and logistical efficiency to our valued English customers. Our London base is a testament to our commitment to making our premium wines more accessible and affordable, while maintaining the highest standards of service and quality.

Cantina Del Vesuvio Winery UK

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1 Frank Cottages, Shenley, Hertfordshire
WD7 9AH - United Kingdom

VAT Registration No.: GB215348717

Organic registration number: GB-ORG-04

Phone +44 01923 445 891 / +44 7914 152312 (UK) (US)