Lacryma Christi: be part of the legend!

Lacryma Christi: be part of the legend!

Campania: A Region of Wonders and Wine Delights

Campania, a region larger than life, beckons with its myriad of treasures. From the vibrant city of Naples, famous for its iconic pizza, delectable Spaghetti Alle Vongole, and exquisite Risotto Alla Pescatora, to the breathtaking wonders of the Amalfi Coast, the enchanting Capri Island, and the charming town of Sorrento, this region is a true haven for travelers seeking beauty and adventure. Moreover, the proximity of the dazzling Pompeii and the awe-inspiring Mount Vesuvius, which overlooks the picturesque Naples Bay, adds a touch of grandeur to this stunning destination.

While Naples and its surroundings offer an abundance of attractions beyond imagination, it is the lush vineyards sprawling across the volcanic soils of the Vesuvius foothills and the wines derived from them that truly captivate visitors, making them yearn to return to this remarkable region time and time again.

Among the myriad of fantastic wines, crafted with passion by talented winemakers from indigenous grape varieties, one style stands out and has achieved legendary status—Lacryma Christi.


Unveiling the History of Lacryma Christi

The reputation of wines from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius dates back to ancient Roman times when vineyards were already thriving in these volcanic lands, even before the devastating eruption that engulfed the city of Pompeii.

The name "Lacryma Christi," meaning "tears of Christ," is an elusive reference to the story of Bacchus, the God of wine, shedding tears of joy that brought life to the ancient vines of Vesuvius. Over time, Christian monks adapted the tale to connect it with a more contemporary divine figure, giving their wines the evocative name "Lacryma Christi."


A Plethora of Styles to Delight Every Palate

Only the ripest grapes cultivated on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, achieving alcohol levels of 13%-14% and boasting enhanced aromatic complexity and a luscious mouthfeel, earn the coveted label of Lacryma Christi. However, this esteemed wine style encompasses a diverse range of expressions to suit various preferences.

Lacryma Christi Bianco, crafted primarily from the Caprettone grape variety, complemented by other local grapes, presents an aromatic wine with delightful acidity and an enchanting bouquet.

At Cantina del Vesuvio, we proudly produce our interpretation of Lacryma Christi Bianco using 100% Caprettone grapes. This exquisite wine exhibits an elegant pale yellow color adorned with golden hues, a delicate floral aroma intertwined with fruity notes, and a pleasant minerality on the palate. It serves as the perfect accompaniment to the region's seafood delicacies and fresh cheeses.

This distinctive winemaking style also allows for the creation of Rosso and Rosé versions, derived from a minimum of 80% Piedirosso grapes, complemented by other local red varieties, including the robust Aglianico.

At our winery, we firmly believe that crafting Lacryma Christi Rosso using 100% Piedirosso grapes provides the most authentic representation of this esteemed wine. Our 100% Piedirosso wine enthralls with a delightful bouquet of red fruits and spices, boasting a medium to full-bodied structure that perfectly complements meat sauces, roasts, and aged cheeses.

Likewise, our Rosé is exclusively produced from 100% Piedirosso grapes sourced from our finest vineyards. It reveals a captivating fusion of fruity and floral notes, culminating in a dry and refreshing finish that pairs splendidly with a variety of dishes, including fish, meats, and risotto.

Join the Legacy

At Cantina del Vesuvio, we wholeheartedly welcome you to indulge in the storied wonders of Lacryma Christi wines and weave them into the fabric of your own narrative. With each sip, you'll not only experience the flavors of the past but also the joy of sharing this timeless elixir with your loved ones.

Wine transcends mere libation; it embodies centuries of dedication, encapsulating the tireless efforts of those who craft it, the harmonious fusion with gastronomy, and the mythical aura that elevates it to greatness. Lacryma Christi wines, akin to the resplendent vines flourishing on the sun-kissed slopes of Mount Vesuvius, possess a magnificence that surpasses ordinary existence.

So come, raise your glass, and become part of the legend. Allow Lacryma Christi to transport you to a realm where history intertwines with flavor, where tradition blends with innovation, and where the spirit of Campania finds its true essence in every divine drop.

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